My HealtheVet Kiosks

An integrated kiosk solution with the customized interface that includes professionally branded mainmenu(s), templates and style sheets, attract loop graphic displays, plus a set of menu displays with large, user-friendly buttons/selections which seamlessly integrates with MyHeatheVet and other web based applications and or content.

  • My HealtheVet
  • Main Menu Image
  • VA MOVE!
  • Medline Plus
  • PTSD / Mental Health Websites
  • Online Pharmacy Refill Services
  • Self-Assessment Tools
  • Surgical Videos
  • Vaccines / Immunization Videos
  • Appointment Vouchers
  • "Best of the Internet" websites
  • Client supplied content
  • HIPAA and ADA compliant
  • Complete User Session Management

    • Automatically clears session cookies, Internet cache, print queue and user certificates between each session
    • Resets volume, font size and language to default settings after each session
    • Flexible multimedia attract loop, triggered by inactivity timer or session exit
    • Post-session user survey and visited links email options
    • Optional security mat or proximity sensor to automatically initiate and end user sessions

    Powerful Network and Internet Security

    • Runs as O/S shell for maximum performance and security; eliminates tampering
    • Browser and desktop are completely locked down, preventing unauthorized access to the Internet, network, file system and O/S
    • All navigations filtered through Authorized URL database, including white list, black list and wild card features
    • Manages all pop-ups, frames and windows
    • Blocks downloads, email

    Robust Administrative Interface

    • Password-secured configuration tool
    • Enables authorized access to Windows administrative tasks
    • Provides multiple levels of access to browser settings, security settings, peripheral device settings, authorized URL list, system update functions, and more
    Usage Reports Image

    Reliable Remote Monitoring, Content and Software Management

    • Allows system status to be monitored real-time via a centralized server
    • Provides ability to control and securely update all content and software components from a centralized server, via http or https, using a client-side pull strategy
    • Manages updates for selected individual kiosks or entire kiosk groups

    Comprehensive Usage Analytics and Reporting

    • Automatically logs and date-time stamps all system activities, status, user navigations and printing for detailed analysis and reporting, accessible via web interface
    • Tracks system uptime and connectivity
    • Standard reports for uptime, user sessions, total hits, average hits per session, usage by day and time of day, top pages/websites visited
    • Reports available for selectable date ranges, and for individual kiosks or kiosk groups
    • Numerous standard reports available in columnar and graphical formats
    Usage Reports Image

    Peripheral Device Integration

    • Laser, thermal, receipt and specialty printers
    • Smart card, mag stripe card readers
    • DoD CAC readers
    • Bar code readers
    • Dual monitors
    • Fingerprint readers
    • Proximity sensors (ultrasonic, infrared or security mat options)
    • Amplified dual speakers
    • Auto-dial telephones
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