Interactive Applications

Kiosk Application Software

Check out our pre-packaged self-service application options. Powerful wayfinding and directory capabilities. A versatile interactive survey tool. Sign-in and check-in solutions to help you manage customer queues. And a unique combination of digital signage with built-in customer interaction.

Queuing Applications

QueueKiosk Software

QueueKiosk Software is a simple, easy-to-use kiosk sign-in system designed to eliminate the paper sign in sheet. Enhance your level of customer service by providing customers with a shorter wait time. QueueKiosk is completely configurable, allowing it to be used in a variety of environments for customer check-in, visitor check-in and/or patient check-in.

  • Queue Management
  • Customer Flow Analysis
  • Customer Sign-In
  • HR Appointment Sign-In
  • Healthcare Queuing
  • DMV Queuing
BillPay Kiosk Application

BillPay Kiosk Software

BillPay Kiosk Software provides a secure and easy way for underbanked customers to pay their utility bills. Extend your reach with 24/7 access and remove the need for drop boxes and drive-through windows.

  • Debit & Credit Payments
  • Cash Payments
  • Check Payments
IDRenew Application

IDRenew Software

IDRenew Software is designed to help any military dependent or retiree send you their application, photo, and supporting documents all on their own. Let IDRenew collect renewal ID requests for you, so you don’t have to.

  • Military Dependent ID Renewal
  • Military Retiree ID Renewal
Gravesite Locator Application

Gravesite Locator Software

Gravesite Locator Software enables guests of State Veterans Cemeteries to find their loved ones and access a cemetery map in a convenient way – on site from a kiosk, or online via web browser. Provide the public with 24/7 access to your rules and policies, eligibility requirements, pre-registration forms, hours of operation, and more.

  • Onsite Gravesite Locator
  • Web-based Gravesite Locator
  • State Veterans Cemetery Information
Survey Applications

Survey Kiosk Software

Survey Software from DynaTouch offers a comprehensive solution for measuring customer satisfaction. Engage your customers to provide valuable feedback to your organization to identify the success and failure points that help you define and set goals for your near and long term success. Get real time results from customers to respond quickly to changing market conditions or unsatisfied customers.

  • Customer Feedback
  • Employee Feedback
  • Patient Feedback
  • Visitor Feedback
  • Resident Feedback
Wayfinding Applications

Directory Kiosk & Wayfinding Software

Wayfinding / Directory Software from DynaTouch offers a comprehensive solution for helping your visitors find destinations, departments, amenities, services, or personnel by providing them with colorful, easy-to-read, animated maps and directions. Your visitors can print them or take them along on their mobile devices using QR tag technology. Our simple to use editor with easy point-and-click route creation and multiple, customizable look-up options is ideal for: Building Directories, Physician Directories, Hospital Directories, Campus Directories, Personnel Directories, Military Base / Post Directories.

  • Building / Hospital Directory
  • Campus Directory
  • Personnel / Physician Directory

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TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software

The ideal software solution for presenting and managing web-enabled content and applications on unattended, public access kiosks, displays, tablets, and workstations. Windows and TIPS Online versions available: our full-service hosted management portal.

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