Queue / Customer Flow Management

Less time waiting in line

  • Shorten wait times
  • Provide faster response to customers
  • Enhance levels of service
  • Increase revenue
  • Built-in management reports
  • Easy to measure performance
  • Remotely monitored and updated
  • Minimal maintenance

QueueKiosk check-ins!

Queue Kiosk Hardware and Software

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DynaTouch’s queue management solutions provide a simple, secure, self-service system designed to eliminate the paper sign in sheet. We can supply you with a secure, robust touchscreen check-in kiosk that is compatible with your existing queue management application and powered by our TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software. Or, if you don’t already have an existing queue management application, DynaTouch can supply you with a complete solution that includes hardware, kiosk management software AND our QueueKiosk™ software. Our professional design team will create a customized look, promoting your corporate brand, allowing you to carry your organizations message to your customers.

QueueKiosk Features

  • Professional branding
  • Customizable greeting and thanks message
  • Quick and easy-to-use GUI
  • Option to let customers sign in on the web from anywhere, BEFORE they arrive!
  • Configurable service list
  • Web-based dashboard gives convenient status from any computer
  • Notification of new customers to the queue
  • Notification of customers who exceed the configured wait threshold
  • Built-in reporting allows analysis of wait time trends
  • Cloud-based solution, no software to install
  • Management reports with breakdowns of users, service requested, hourly/daily statistics
  • Dashboard and reports viewable from any browser
  • Responsive design compatible with any screen resolution to meet any environment

QueueKiosk™ software is completely configurable, allowing it to be used in a variety of environments for customer check-in, visitor check-in and/or patient check-in.

TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software

All TIPS kiosks are powered by TIPS Kiosk Management Software, our proprietary secure browser / lock-down software which:

  • Manages user sessions and day-to-day interaction
  • Restricts access to unauthorized sites
  • Logs system ‘heartbeat’
  • Tracks and reports usage statistics
  • Allows for remote updates on any day at any time
  • And much, much more!
Powered by TIPS Kiosk Management Software: Industry-leading platform for self-service systems

TIPS software has already been approved to operate on some of the most secure healthcare and government networks that exist, including the Military Health System and Defense Health Agency, VA, SSA, FBI and others.

TIPS kiosks also come with a subscription to TIPS Cloud™, our password-protected cloud-based Customer Service Center, where authorized administrators can view system status, view and print system usage data, sign up to receive automatic email reports, upload new screen savers, manage authorized URLs, and submit content change requests.

All DynaTouch solution packages are designed to include the hardware, software, services and support needed for a fully-integrated, ready-to-run, turnkey system. Or, if you already have hardware or a preferred hardware vendor, just let us know!

  • Kiosks, tablets, workstations
  • Floor standing, sit-down, wall-mount, countertop models
  • Multitude of peripheral device options
  • Comprehensive deployment and support services
Queue Kiosk Status Board

Status Boards / Wall-Mounted Digital Displays

Queue management solutions typically include a “Status Board”, which is a digital display listing customers in the queue that are ready for service with their registrar assignment. The monitor also accommodates an area to display a digital message/news to the customers.

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