Federal Government Clients

Our unique self-service solutions tailored to government and military enable agencies and departments at all levels to extend ease of access and online services for a more inclusive and holistic experience.

Our innovative approach provides significant efficiency gains at the administrative level while enhancing the end-user experience. In particular, services can more easily be extended to people living or operating in remote areas, and for those who may not have the means or inclination to engage with online services from their home.

DynaTouch is proud to celebrate over 35 years of service to the federal government and branches of the Department of Defense. Our commitment to our customers, their experience, and our desire to help align each and every customer with the right technology have earned us a long list of distinguished clients around the world.

Please contact us for more information about the specific solution(s) provided to one or more of these clients.

DynaTouch continues to assist federal and military clients by:
  • Reducing administrative costs.

  • Automating routine tasks to a self-serve process:

    Allowing staff members to focus on more important responsibilities and elevating the customer experience.

  • Improving the quality of services delivered.

  • Reducing probability for human error.