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Built on over 35 years of experience creating self-service solutions, we have everything you need to create, deploy and manage your interactive solution network, whether large or small. Not only do we offer a comprehensive and time-tested suite of kiosk management software, but we can help you develop the kiosk content to suit your needs with our off-the-shelf content modules, templates and specialized application software for commonly needed self-service applications, and, as needed, a talented and experienced team of IT professionals to create custom solutions.

TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software

The ideal software solution for presenting and managing web-enabled content and applications on unattended, public access kiosks, displays, tablets, and workstations. Windows and TIPS Cloud versions are available: TIPS Cloud is our full-service hosted management portal.

TIPS for Windows - Kiosk Software
TIPS Client™
for Windows Devices
TIPS Cloud - Kiosk Software - Kiosk Management
TIPS Cloud™
Online Kiosk
Management Portal
Kiosk Apps: QueueKiosk™, BillPay Kiosk™, IDRenew™ & Gravesite Locator™

Interactive Kiosk Applications

Check out our pre-packaged self-service application options. Our most popular packages include:

QueueKiosk™ – an interactive sign-in application to help you manage your customer flow

BillPay Kiosk™ – a secure self-service application to help your underbanked customers to pay their utility bills

IDRenew™ – an easy way for military retirees and dependents to apply for a Renewal ID card

Gravesite Locator™ – enables cemetery visitors to find their loved ones and access your cemetery map, on site from a kiosk or online via a webbrowser

Plug & Play Content

DynaTouch has developed a full library of off-the-shelf, Plug & Play content modules, most of which can also be selected and included in custom interactive solutions. In all cases, we can tailor these modules to match your style and branding, and will work with you to integrate them into your display content, as needed, to meet your specific project requirements.

  • eHealth Websites
  • Cool Tools & Videos (Health & Wellness)
  • Self-Assessment Tools (Health & Wellness)
  • Web Express™
  • IRS Express™
Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Have a unique need? Our team of development professionals can help refine your requirements and craft a customized solution specific to your needs, and we cover the full gamut of kiosk, web and mobile interactive technologies.

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