Secure Web Access Kiosks

Locked-down, controlled access

Leverage your investment in web development, and provide your visitors, customers, and/or staff with secure web access – securely controlled, yet user-friendly access to your Internet or Intranet pages — at the point-of-service! DynaTouch can provide a multitude of templates, or provide tailored, ready-to-use content modules designed for your market, including HR Express™, Joint Services OneStop™, Vets Connected, and more.

Secure Web Access Content Screens

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Customizable User Interface

  • Intuitive, touch-friendly design
  • Multiple language capability
  • Optional one-touch print feature
  • User-adjustable volume and zoom controls
  • Optional scan and email / QR code features
  • Professionally designed menu templates and stylesheets
  • Tailored to match your branding

TIPS Plug & Play Content Modules

  • Military OneStop™ (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Joint Services)
  • HR Express™
  • Health & Wellness OneStop™
  • My HealtheVet Express™
  • Vets Connected™
  • And more (call for current options)
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