Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

DynaTouch can help you substantially increase awareness and usage of your ICE surveys by extending the reach at the point-of-service in a safe, secure and controlled environment. Using uniquely integrated touchscreen technology and a tailored, user-friendly graphical user interface, our TIPS DoD ICE solution makes it easy!

Our packages includes everything you need – hardware, software, content, services and support. – available as a fully-integrated, turnkey system. If you already have your own hardware or a preferred source, just let us know and we’ll provide the rest! TIPS DoD ICE is designed for use on any Windows-based kiosk, tablet or workstation.

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) Screen Saver: Your Voice. Your Community.

DoD ICE Survey Screensaver
ICE / DoD Survey Comment Card


Already proven and deployed on Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps installations, DynaTouch kiosks provide a secure, user-friendly, menu driven touch interface to your existing ICE website for respondents to quickly find the facility or service they would like to rate. Our unique module allows one-touch access to a specific service comment card, while a handy side-bar offers access to all other comment cards for your facility. With this simple layout, your customer doesn’t have to spend time reading through lists and guessing which card they should use, yet they still have an option to look up and rate other services, if desired. The goal is to provide more realistic and higher quality survey responses due to the convenient location and simple operation of the DynaTouch kiosks.

Fast, easy, secure access with:

  • Intuitive, touch-friendly graphical interface
  • Professionally designed attract loop graphics
  • Tailored for each facility or service area
  • Customized with secure access to Military Portals (Relay Health, TRICARE Online, AKO, NKO, etc.), your own web page, and/or other approved military sites
  • Government-approved software
  • Built-in system monitoring and usage tracking
  • ADA-compliant w/ user-adjustable zoom controls

– Already proven successful in a large number of DoD facilities around the globe.
– Fully compliant with HIPAA, ADA, Section 508 and JCAHO requirements.

TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software

All TIPS kiosks are powered by TIPS Kiosk Management Software, our proprietary secure browser / lock-down software which:

  • Manages user sessions and day-to-day interaction
  • Restricts access to unauthorized sites
  • Logs system ‘heartbeat’
  • Tracks and reports usage statistics
  • Allows for remote updates on any day at any time
  • And much, much more!
TIPS Kiosk Software Logo

TIPS software has already been approved to operate on some of the most secure healthcare and government networks that exist, including the Military Health System and Defense Health Agency, VA, SSA, FBI and others.

TIPS kiosks also come with a subscription to TIPS Cloud™, our password-protected cloud-based Customer Service Center, where authorized administrators can view system status, view and print system usage data, sign up to receive automatic email reports, upload new screen savers, manage authorized URLs, and submit content change requests.

All DynaTouch solution packages are designed to include the hardware, software, services and support needed for a fully-integrated, ready-to-run, turnkey system. Or, if you already have hardware or a preferred hardware vendor, just let us know!

  • Kiosks, tablets, workstations
  • Floor standing, sit-down, wall-mount, countertop models
  • Multitude of peripheral device options
  • Comprehensive deployment and support services
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