Joint Services OneStop™ Kiosks

Reduce costs and improve services with DynaTouch’s Joint Services OneStop kiosk solution! Military service operations – Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard – are increasingly reaping the benefits of self-service functionality through web-based applications and base/post intranets.

It’s an effective way to empower the largest workforce in the world and save money at the same time. But, for military members on the go and/or employees without desktop computers, web-based services remain out of reach and DoD support services are unable to realize the full potential of their investments in web-based initiatives.

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The OneStop Kiosk Solution

DynaTouch can help your organization extend the reach of web-based information and self-service applications to military members at the point of service or in a ‘transient’ environment, e.g. members who do not have access to the network because they do not have a current account at the current installation, because of several reasons: 1) new to the military, 2) a recent reassignment, 3) on TDY status, 4) no regular access to computer, or 5) convenience.

Using a carefully integrated system of kiosk hardware, software and content – with a user-friendly interface, 24×7 reliability and robust security – our OneStop kiosks are a powerful solution. Allow transient members to gain access to the same information and services as non-transient ones. Empower members to handle their own information and needs, resulting in better morale, job satisfaction and efficiency. And, achieve significant savings and return on investment from lower transaction processing costs, faster cycle times, and reduced data entry, printing, distribution and paper costs.

The Joint Services OneStop is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) kiosk solution available on GSA, which has been deployed to all branches of the U.S. military. The system provides military members and their families with user-friendly access to a broad range of carefully selected military and government applications, comprising thousands of pages of customer-focused web-based information, services and online training.

DynaTouch has worked with U.S. military installations around the world to develop OneStop kiosk content and technology. We have deployed systems tailored to meet the unique self-service needs of Housing, Lodging, Finance, Personnel, MWR/Services, Hospitals/Pharmacies, ACS/Family Support, Passenger Terminals, Transportation/PPO, Post Offices, AAFES, DeCA and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) kiosk solution which has been deployed to all branches of the U.S. military, available on GSA
  • Choose from a variety of secure, rugged yet attractive kiosk models – including freestanding, table top and sit-down options – professionally branded for each branch of service
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface with a focus on member self-service functions
  • Colorful menu displays with large, easy-to-read buttons/links that provide user-friendly access to OneStop kiosk content
  • Dynamic database-driven content module with 4000+ links to forms, online services and vital information on existing DoD and DoD-related websites, including topics for Money Matters, Personnel Matters, Member & Family Support, Health & Wellness, Housing & Lodging, Retail & Services, Personal Property/HHG, Transportation, Local Area, Relocation Assistance, FAQs, What’s New, ICE Comment Cards and more
  • Convenient access to the most frequently requested web pages for military installations worldwide
  • Attract loop graphics and mainmenus tailored to emphasize local information and/or services most needed at each specific kiosk location
  • Local content integrated with worldwide OneStop content module
  • Safe and secure unattended operation, with advanced security features to prevent access to the operating system, network or unauthorized Internet sites
  • Easy-to-service, 500-sheet capacity laser printer, allows members to take information with them
  • DoD-approved CAC reader for access to pki enabled web site information
  • Privacy filter on screen for added security
  • 24 x 7 remote monitoring for trouble-free operation and maximum uptime
  • Built-in usage logging and powerful web-based reporting and analytical tools allow you to monitor kiosk usage and optimize OneStop content
  • Scalable interface, to easily accommodate updates and changes as needs evolve
  • Easy integration with any web-based application
OneStop Directory Kiosk

All DynaTouch solution packages are designed to include the hardware, software, services and support needed for a fully-integrated, ready-to-run, turnkey system. Or, if you already have hardware or a preferred hardware vendor, just let us know!

  • Kiosks, tablets, workstations
  • Floor standing, sit-down, wall-mount, countertop models
  • Multitude of peripheral device options
  • Comprehensive deployment and support services

TIPS™ Kiosk Management Software

All TIPS kiosks are powered by TIPS Kiosk Management Software, our proprietary secure browser / lock-down software which:

  • Manages user sessions and day-to-day interaction
  • Restricts access to unauthorized sites
  • Logs system ‘heartbeat’
  • Tracks and reports usage statistics
  • Allows for remote updates on any day at any time
  • And much, much more!
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TIPS software has already been approved to operate on some of the most secure healthcare and government networks that exist, including the Military Health System and Defense Health Agency, VA, SSA, FBI and others.

TIPS kiosks also come with a subscription to TIPS Cloud™, our password-protected cloud-based Customer Service Center, where authorized administrators can view system status, view and print system usage data, sign up to receive automatic email reports, upload new screen savers, manage authorized URLs, and submit content change requests.

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